Thursday, March 13, 2008

Romania’s Employment Outlook Rosy

11 March 2008
Bucharest _ Employment outlook in Romania is looking positive with 43% of surveyed employers say they want to hire more workers, a study by work agency Manpower revealed Tuesday.

The study questioned 841 employers about their recruitment intentions for the April-June quarter, compared to those set for the first three months of this year.

Of those questioned, 49% said they intend to keep the same number of employees and only 7% said they want to reduce the number of workers.

Recruitment in the construction industry is set to rise by 54% during the second quarter of 2008, recruitment in business, real-estate and financing sector will grow by 38%, and the energy sector is set to see a growth of 5%.

Globally, Romania’s rising employment has the second highest growth rate after Singapore, where a hike of 60% is expected.

Manpower has undertaken this study for the past 45 years and now covers 32 countries.

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