Thursday, March 27, 2008

Romania raises national terrorist alert level before NATO Summit

Romania's Supreme Defense Council (CSAT) raised the national terrorist alert level on Tuesday, a week before the NATO Summit in its capital Bucharest.

The CSAT decided to raise the alert level from blue (cautious) to yellow (moderate), at the proposal of the Romanian Intelligence Service.

The yellow level implies some special measures of cooperation among the state institutions being activated.

The CSAT, Romania's top-most executive body on security and defense issues, analyzed in the Tuesday session, the last before the NATO Summit, the stage of the last security measures taken for the organization of NATO Summit.

The NATO Summit is to take place in Bucharest on April 2-4, with the enlargement, operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo as its main topics. As many as 24 presidents, 26 prime ministers and 86 ministers will attend the summit.


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