Monday, March 24, 2008

Evangelist team to start anti-drugs work in Romania

The Luis Palau Association (LPA) has been given the green light by the Romanian government to start anti-drugs work in that country. The work is part of BucharestFest, a major festival in the Romanian capital, which will take place at the end of May.

A team including Andrew Palau and Vasile Oniga (Chairman of the Christian Police Association) met with General Pavel Abraham, President of the Agentia Nationala Anti-Drog (ANA), part of the Romanian Ministry of Interior. General Abraham accepted Christ at a previous Palau NGA mission event for police officers.

The intention was merely to get the ANA’s endorsement for the team’s programme of visits to 40 High Schools in late May, prior to the start of the Festival. The nature of the event was fully explained and the team stressed that they were not from the Orthodox part of the Christian Family, and that there would be many calls to Christian commitment.

The meeting ended up with the team not only getting the full endorsement of ANA for all its activities, but for a series of other key initiatives. These were:

  • Full partnership status with ANA
  • Encouragement that other organisations, such as the Child Protection Agency, would support the Festival
  • Media support from the ANA prior to the festival, including a joint press conference and press release – and promotion of the Festival on MTV!
  • Encourage drug counsellors and selected volunteers to work with the Festival team in the Parcul Izvor “Addiction Area”

Nigel Gordon of LPA said: “It is quite clear that God had gone ahead of us and that our prayers have been answered in the most wonderful way. We now look forward to a great festival in May when many thousands of Romanians, young and old, make decisions for Jesus Christ.”

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