Sunday, February 24, 2008

Serbian president thanks Romania for not recognizing Kosovo independence

Visiting Serbian President Boris Tadic on Thursday voiced gratitude for Romania's stance on the unilateral declaration of independence by the province of Kosovo.

"I am grateful to Romania for its not recognizing the illegally newly-created state of Kosovo, the more so as Romania, in its capacity as member of the European Union, sticks to this principled position," Tadic said during talks with his Romanian counterpart, Traian Basescu.

Tadic also emphasized the fact that Serbia is a component of Europe and would never give up its legitimate interests.

"From Romania's viewpoint, Serbia will get all the support we can offer on this state's road to the European Union," Basescu said in the talks.

He said the EU is interested in Serbia advancing in the integration process and he advised the political leaders in the neighboring country "to talk to the European states, to keep in touch with the EU member states."

"Any strategy of relative isolation is counterproductive for Serbia," the Romanian leader cautioned, adding that all the European capitals are ready to discuss with Belgrade.

Furthermore, Basescu said, "Belgrade should talk to Pristina, and it should find solutions for communication."

Tadic started an official visit to Romania at Thursday noon. It is Tadic's first visit abroad since becoming Serbia's president and since the Kosovo province proclaimed its independence from Serbia on Sunday.

Tadic's visit to Bucharest comes just days after the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo and Bucharest's announcement that it does not recognize Kosovo's independence.


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