Friday, February 22, 2008

Serbia president arrives in Romania
21 February 2008, 13:14 CET

(BUCHAREST) - Serbian President Boris Tadic arrived here Thursday for a short one-day visit to Romania, one of only five EU countries not to recognise Kosovo's independence.

Shortly after his arrival, Tadic was welcomed by his Romanian counterpart Traian Basescu for half an hour of talks at Cotroceni Palace.

During the visit, which was taking place just hours before a mass demonstration in Belgrade against the independence of Kosovo, Tadic was also scheduled to meet Prime Minister Calin Tariceanu and the head of Romania's lower parliamentary house, the Chamber of Deputies, Bogdan Olteanu.

Basescu had said Sunday that Romania would not recognise Kosovo, arguing that its unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia was an infringement of international law and would set a precedent for other regions with separatist ambitions.

The Romanian president also pointed to the lack of a UN Security Council resolution on the status of the breakaway province.

He indicated that Bucharest would close its diplomatic representation in Pristina.

In addition to Romania, four other EU countries -- Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Slovakia -- have said they will not recognise Kosovo.

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