Friday, February 22, 2008

Romania ‘Backs’ Serbia’s EU Bid

21 February 2008
Bucharest _ Romania will support Belgrade's bid to join the European Union, President Traian Basescu said as he met Serbian leader, Boris Tadic in Bucharest Thursday.

Tadic's meeting with Basescu comes just days after Bucharest said it would never recognise an independent Kosovo. Read more:

Serbia will not give up its European ambitions for isolation, Tadic said at a press conference but Belgrade will demand to keep its territorial integrity, he added.

He emphasised that Serbia will seek a peaceful resolution to the Kosovo crisis and continue to support its citizens in Kosovo, through various institutions.

The Serbian leader also underscored Serbia’s position that it will not recognise the legitimacy of the European Union’s new law and order mission to Kosovo, without a new United Nations Security Council resolution.

Basescu urged Serbia to continue efforts with Brussels on accelerating its bid for EU membership.

The Romanian president assured Tadic that Romania will not abandon its allies and Serbia, is one of them.

Tadic also praised the bilateral cooperation between the countries, especially regarding traffic along the River Danube and the Pan European Oil Pipeline, which will travel from the Romanian port of Constanta, through Serbia to Trieste on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

The Pan European Oil Pipeline is one of the most important European energy projects. It will bring oil from the eastern Black Sea coast to Western Europe via Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. It is projected to cost € 3.5 billion.

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