Friday, February 22, 2008

New online service to boost entrepreneurship in Romania

The Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology’s Knowledge-Based Economy project has released its first public service which enables business people to register their businesses and apply for permits and other documents on-line.

In its first phase, the new service is targeting the self-employed and family businesses.

“The system is a breakthrough in Romanian eGovernment and is carried out in partnership with the National Trade Register Office,” said Minister for Communication and Information Technology Károly Borbély.

“This application will streamline the procedures the self-employed and family businesses must follow to obtain the necessary documents [to do business] and will improve relations between local administrations and private entrepreneurs from the 255 local authorities connected to the Local Community Electronic Network.

"All interested communities nationwide will also benefit from this project,” he continued.

The Knowledge-Based Economy project is behind the 255 Local Community Electronic Networks which help local authorities to communicate both with citizens and with one another.

The service provides information and services to public authorities, citizens, small businesses, schools and public libraries.

All the networks have been operational since December 2007 and offer basic and high-end services which promote sustainable development. These networks are located in rural areas, communes, villages and small cities of under 30 000 inhabitants.


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