Monday, February 18, 2008

Die Welt: Bulgaria and Romania in group of “advanced democracies” of Bertelsmann Foundation

Focus News Agency

Bulgaria and Romania, by surprise according to Die Welt newspaper, were placed in the group of advanced democracies in a research of Bertelsmann Foundation the results of which are expected to be officially announced next Tuesday in Berlin.

In Index of States in Transition for 2008 the foundation had created a three-degree scale for the progress of states in political respect. From 2003 Bertelsmann prepared annual reports on political and economic changes in 125 states. In a research it reached the conclusion that not in every state labeled as a democracy such a regime really existed. Number of democracies was rising while simultaneously some of them developed as authoritarian regimes. Authors of the research point out that progress in Sofia and Bucharest was mainly due to their EU membership which was a stimulus for political change. Turkey was put in contrast because of its lack of desire to adopt democratic institutions.

In the first places of the chart of Bertelsmann were states like the Czech Republic which is acknowledged as a consolidated democracy with socially – politically oriented market economy.

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