Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Romania targets USD 10 billion for 2010

Gözde Aslantaş
İZMİR – Turkish Daily News

As economic ties between Romania and Turkey grow stronger, the Romanian authorities aim to increase the bilateral trade volume to $10 billion by 2010, Romania's Consul General to İzmir said.

The goal of Romanian authorities is to increase [the bilateral trade volume] to $10 billion by the beginning of the year 2010,� Mircea Neata, Consul General of Romania to İzmir, said. Bilateral trade volume was $1.8 billion in 2003 and it is estimated at $6 billion for 2007.

In 1993 Romania became a member of Council of Europe and in January 2007 a full member of the European Union. The Romanian Consulate in İzmir was opened in 2004. �Besides visa facilities and taking care of Romanian diaspora and tourists in İzmir, we also aim to improve bilateral cooperation in many different fields like economy, culture and education,� said Neata.

The country's EU membership increased its attractiveness for Turkish business circles and expanded the range of cooperation opportunities in the economic field.

Relations between Romania and the Republic of Turkey continue to remain an important foreign policy priority,� Neata said. There are over 9,500 Turkish companies that also enliven the economic life and contribute to the economic growth of Romania.

Our 2008 projection involves much attention to economy. It is important to create the suitable environment for the businessmen,� said Neata.

Yet the projects are not limited to economy. There are many studies in the field of education. The 9 Eylül University and Ege University work in cooperation with Romanian universities and in 2008 they will be begin sharing research on engineering, economy management, medicine and pharmacy. There will be two more agreements in the near future among Romanian Atheneum University, İzmir University of Economics and Yaşar University.

Our countries are so alike. We will have many shared projects in many fields as infrastructure, security, drugs, terrorism. We have many common interests. The neighborly relations between Romania and Turkey should set an example for all countries, said Neata.

Commenting on the EXPO 2015 bid, Neata said that his heart was on the side of İzmir: I like İzmir and the İzmirians very much. The İzmirians are friendly and well-educated. İzmir has many advantages in this competition. The first one is that such organization was not organized in İzmir before. The second is that this city is an important port, and the third is it has full support from the government, the local authorities and the non-governmental organizations. EXPO 2015 will mean an economic boom in İzmir.

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