Monday, December 3, 2007

Romania: migratory birds bring bird flu

BUCHAREST, Nov. 29 (Xinhua) -- Poultry in Romanian eastern county Tulcea was contaminated with the bird flu virus from migratory birds, the National Sanitary Veterinary and Animal Safety Authority announced on Thursday.

Fodder for the poultry bred in the contaminated household came from a region intensely sought by wild birds, according to the preliminary epidemiological investigation.

At a meeting held on Thursday, the Tulcea County Anti-epizootic Command decided to have the local Hunters and Fishermen Association organize test hunts of wild birds and collect the bodies for specific lab tests.

According to data presented in the report of the Danube Delta Biosphere Natural Reserve, 6,800 wild birds were tracked here on Wednesday.

The Romanian Institute for Animal Diagnosis and Health confirmed on Wednesday the bird flu outbreak, the H5N1 virus strain, after a laboratory testing of samples taken from dead chickens in a household at Murighiol of Tulcea County.

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