Sunday, December 16, 2007

Moldova urging Romania to sign basic political treaty

The Republic of Moldova is looking forward to completing negotiations with Bucharest and to signing a Basic Political Treaty with Romania and a Treaty on the Moldo-Romanian Border, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration wrote in its press release today.

The Ministry perceived with surprise the statements made by Romanian official structures concerning “an alleged linguistic motive” of non-signing of the Basic Political Treaty and the Border Treaty between the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

The Ministry stressed that Moldova has consistently conducted negotiations on the Treaties’ basic principles and demonstrated readiness to flexibly tackle topics which the Romanian side regards as sensitive ones.

“At treating problems of the linguistic character, the Moldovan side abides by provisions of the Moldovan Constitution, but, at the same time, proposed – in a spirit of constructiveness – a diplomatic formula acceptable for both sides”, the Ministry said.

The Moldovan side presumes “the formula related to the name of the languages, in which the two Treaties are to be signed, has never presented an insurmountable problem”, so Chisinau “perceived with concern the statements bearing a definitely misinformation character, regarding them as an evidence of the counter-productive attitude by Romanian officials”.

The Moldovan foreign ministry invited Romanian partners to “a constructive, transparent and brave dialog” to accomplish the negotiations and to sign the documents so important for both states.

The Basic Political Treaty negotiations between Chisinau and Bucharest have been under way for over a decade, and a real insurmountable obstacle to the Treaty signature has been the dispute about the name(s) of the language(s) the Treaties are going to be done in – Romanian or Moldovan? The thing is, Romania would not recognize the existence of “the Moldovan language identical to Romanian”, as it is fixed in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova. In 2000, the Moldovan and Romanian foreign ministers, Nicolae Tabacaru and Petre Roman, initialed a document that was to be signed shortly after by Presidents Petru Lucinschi and Emil Constantinescu. But they did not sign it. Their successors – new leaders of the two states began talks on the document from anew, and were close to its signature, but periodic aggravations of bilateral relations systematically upset the sides’ work over the documents. // Infotag

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