Sunday, December 23, 2007

Embassy Protests at Publication of Anti-Islamic Book in Romania

TEHRAN (Fars News Agency)- Iranian embassy in Bucharest voiced strong protest against the publication of the anti-Islamic and blasphemous book 'Satanic Verses' in Romania.

In a meeting with Romanian foreign minister, Iran's ambassador to Bucharest Hamid Reza Arshadi condemned translation and release of the insulting book in that country, and described it as an insult to divine religions, provoking Muslim sentiments in Romania and other countries.
Meantime, Iran's mission in Bucharest in a statement condemned translation and release of Salman Rushdie's blasphemous book 'Satanic Verses' by Romania's Editura Polirm Publications, and called on Bucharest officials to prevent distribution of the book in that country and make those in charge of Polirm to extend an apology to Muslims living in Romania.

Also following consultations with Romania's Orthodoxy Church and Islamic centers, the Iranian embassy called for immediate and coordinated action by Muslims to prevent distribution of the book in that country.

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