Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BBI Investment to open own funds and enter Romania

BB Investment, a Poznań-based capital group, which controls three stock-listed funds: BBI Capital, BBI Development and NFI Foksal, is expanding its operations.

It is opening its own investment fund, BBI TFI, which will submit an application by the end of the year to the Financial Supervision Commission (KNF) to be allowed to start operations. "We shall focus on closed funds investing in non-public companies. There are plenty of interesting enterprises in Poland and we have already proven that we can find and develop them. We think of strict profiling of funds to invest in companies from a given sector or region," said Dawid Sukacz, president of BBI Capital NFI. The management of funds will be handled by BBI Capital and BBI Development. One of the concepts envisages investments in companies awaiting restructuring. BBI is also eyeing foreign markets and to this end it plans to establish a fund investing in Romania. Last week, BBI Capital acquired two foreign investors, which purchased a total of a 10% stake and according to Puls Biznesu, these are Unicredit and Black Rock Merrill Lynch. (Puls Biznesu, pp. 1, 12) M.M.

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