Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lower parliament speaker: Romania is keen to develop ties with China

BUCHAREST, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- All Romanian political parties attach importance to developing friendly ties with China, President of Romania's Chamber of Deputies (lower house of parliament) Bogdan Olteanu said Tuesday.

They also believe that consolidating the traditional Sino-Romanian friendship serves the fundamental interests of both countries, Olteanu told China's new ambassador to his country Liu Zengwen.

The legislative leader expressed satisfaction with the development of bilateral ties, saying that over the past 58 years since both countries established diplomatic ties, bilateral ties have developed smoothly, citing the ever-expanding "mutually beneficial" and "fruitful" cooperation in all fields.

He also said that the Romanian lower house of parliament has maintained close cooperation with the National People's Congress of China, China's law-making body, saying mutual visits between the two have not only deepened the mutual understanding between the Romanian and Chinese people, but provided an important platform for strengthening bilateral legislative exchanges.

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