Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Iranian Rhyton to Return Home from Romania

Tehran, 21 November 2007 (CHN Foreign Desk) – Representative of ICHHTO is due to make a visit to Romania to bring back the ancient Iranian rhyton. Based on previous diplomatic negotiations between Iran’s Embassy in Romania and the authorities of this country, the returning of this rhyton will be made by agreement of Romanian cultural heritage authorities.

This historic artifact which belongs to the 800-1000 BC was smuggled out of Iran.

Announcing this news, Omid Ghanami, deputy head of the legal department of the ICHHTO told CHN: “With following the case through the retrieval committee of ICTTO, this rhyton will be returned to its home country.”

Expressing his satisfaction with the trend of retrieval of Iranian historical relics due to its membership in UNESCO’s 1970 and 1995 conventions, Ghanami said that Iran is also following the case for redeeming its historic objects from Italy and United Arab Emirates.

Regarding the characteristics of this rhyton, Masoud Nosrati, director general of Museums and Exhibitions at ICHHTO, said to CHN: “After conducting expert studies on the pictures sent by Romanian authorities from the ibex rhyton, it became evident that this historic object belongs to Iran and most probably must have belonged to the northern parts of Iran.”

Rhyton is a kind of cup with the head of an animal, usually in the shape of a lion, horse, ibex, or winged lion attached. According to Nosrati, some other rhytons similar to this one have been discovered in Iran and one of the most similar ones was found in Kalouraz region in Gilan which is currently kept in Iran’s National Museum.

Deputy head of the legal department of ICHHTO or one of the other authorities of this Organization will fly to Romania next week to take this historic rhyton back to its home country.

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