Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty: Mussolini And The Greater Romania

THE Croydonian notes: "Romanian near-fascists to Alessandra
Mussolini: We can be rude about our gypsies, but you mustn't."

A tale from Der Spiegel, which in the words of an SNP MEP, `warms
the heart':

The less than loveable Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty ragbag group
in Brussels has had quite the falling out over recent events in
Italy, "the murder of an Italian woman…which police suspect was
perpetrated by a Romanian immigrant from the Roma community".

Alessandra Mussolini commented "Breaking the law became a way of
life for Romanians", and the Partidul România Mare or Greater
Romania Party does not like that interpretation at all: "The
unconsciousness of this lady who makes easily generalizations,
leaving us to understand that all the Romanians are living like
delinquents and are making dreadful crimes — remind us of her
grandfather, the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini". And this comes
from Corneliu Vadim Tudor (no relation) the non-MEP leader of the
GRP. The GRP wants La Mussolini expelled from ITS.

Righty-ho. The GRP has designs on Moldova, the Vojvodina, bit of
Ukraine and other places where Romanians are to be found other than
Romania itself, and its publications "include articles that denied
the Holocaust in Romania and took deliberately antagonistic
positions toward Romanian Roma, ethnic Hungarians, and other
minority groups". So, a nice bunch all round.

The ideological ancestors of both made common cause in the Axis, of

Source: The Croydonian
www.anorak.co. uk/twitterings/ 177528.html

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