Thursday, September 20, 2007

Moldovans to enjoy visa-free transit traveling via Romania and Bulgaria

The European Commission has suggested to European Union member states to cancel entry visas for transit trips via Romania and Bulgaria for nationals of the Republic of Moldova. This was a topic of discussion at the 8th meeting of the EU-Moldova sub-committee for cooperation in the sphere of justice and the interior held in Brussels on Wednesday.

The Moldovan delegation to the session comprised the RM co-chairman of the sub-committee, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Valeriu Ostalep, Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (CCECC) Director Valentin Mejinschi, Deputy Minister of the Interior Valentin Zubic, and Deputy Minister of Justice, the Government's Permanent Representative at Parliament Nicolae Esanu.

European experts highlighted Moldova's good reforms taking place in the fields of corruption and organized crime prevention, independence of the judiciary, and migration control.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration wrote in its Press Release today the European Union officials pointed out Moldova's progress in the legislative sphere, and said courts in Moldova are getting more transparent and independent.

In the European Union experts' opinion, the Republic of Moldova abides by the EU standards on combating corruption. They expressed readiness to underpin Moldova's cooperation in fields essential for the republic's multifaceted development, and to furnish assistance to help rehabilitate drug-dependant residents of Moldova.

The parties stressed it is important to have a reliable border control and management. In particular, it is necessary to start negotiations, from 2008, on signing the Frontex cooperation agreement.

The Moldovan foreign ministry underlined in the Press Release the Brussels meeting and its results are very essential for preparation to the October 25 session of the EU-Moldova Cooperation Council. // Infotag

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