Monday, September 24, 2007

Geneva, invaded by Roma beggars from Romania

24 September 2007 | FOCUS News Agency

Bucharest. “They deal with washing the windshields, have real or false disabilities, play the harmonica, are pickpockets, girls obliged to become prostitutes, or women holding babies who never wake up in their arms,” this is how the Swiss publication “Le Temps,” quoted by Hot News, characterizes the Roma beggars originating in Romania.

They are seen more and more frequently on the streets of the city, being organized in a real “far from spontaneous” begging network. According to the publication, most of the big cities are confronted with such organised networks coming from Romania, Bulgaria or Hungary, especially after the Roma became European citizens. Their number grows visibly, especially that starting in July begging has ceased to be submitted to fine in Geneva, and the fines which were paid begin to be reimbursed to the beggars.

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