Monday, September 24, 2007

EU looks to match up workers, employers from Reykjavik to Romania

Brussels (dpa) - The European Union launched on Monday a week-long series of fairs and festivals aimed at matchmaking between job-seekers and employers living in different parts of Europe.
"The Job Days represent the EU's jobs and growth strategy in action, encouraging job mobility around Europe and helping to reinforce growth," EU Employment Commissioner Vladimir Spidla said in a statement launching the campaign.

The EU is keen to boost cross-border employment as a means of fighting unemployment and promoting the internal market. However, EU figures indicate that only 1.5 per cent of European workers currently work outside their home country.

The 2007 European Job Days, to give them their official title, are organized by the EU's executive, the European Commission (EC), together with its EU-wide employment service, EURES.

Inspired by a series of job fairs which attracted an estimated 150,000 visitors last year, the Job Days are set to involve over 500 events in 30 countries, an EC press release stated.

Events held under the banner of the scheme range from a series of job fairs in EU newcomer Romania, to a one-week tour of Poland by a bus promoting work in Denmark, to an employment fair in Reykjavik, Iceland - a member of the European Economic Area rather than the EU.

They will range in theme from broad-based "information days on job mobility" (in Austria) to topics as specific as "cross-border job fair for Austrian winter tourism" (in Slovenia).

And they will culminate in a job fair in the EC's own headquarters in Brussels. The event is due to be attended by Belgian tennis star Justine Henin, and it is hoped that employers will sign contracts with several hundred new workers, EC officials said.

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