Thursday, August 30, 2007

Romania Danone yogurt safe for human consumption

BUCHAREST, Aug 29 (Reuters) - Tests on yogurt made by the Romanian unit of French food giant Danone showed the product is safe for human consumption and was not contaminated with dioxin, food safety authorities said on Wednesday.

Last week, Danone recalled some batches of fruit yogurt suspected of dioxin contamination pending laboratory tests to be performed in Hungary. The move followed investigations of dioxin contamination in guar gum -- an additive used as thickener in food products -- by the European Union's food safety institutions in several member states. "Lab bulletins revealed that dioxin levels are below limits allowed by the EU regulations," the Romanian ANSV watchdog said in a statement. ANSV, which said it will lift the seizure order later in the day, said tests revealed that dioxin levels were 13 to 37 folds lower than the allowed ceiling.

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