Friday, August 24, 2007

Aiming for power a natural thing: Romanian opposition

It is only natural for Romania's main opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) to aim for power, the party leader said on Saturday.

"It is not my personal ambition, but something normal to become prime minister," Mircea Geoana told a press conference during a visit to Bistrita Nasaud county, northern Romania.

The PSD has called for the formation of a new government, citing the current cabinet's poor performance.

Having a minority government in Romania "is a crisis that has been crushing Romania from the very first day of President Traian Basescu's term," Geoana said.

"I think it is the PSD's obligation to correct this," he added.

The PSD's proposal to have a no-confidence vote next month is a "natural gesture," he said, adding that his party will finalize its platform by early September.

The PSD, the largest opposition and also the largest party in parliament, decided at an informal meeting earlier this week to file a censure motion on Sept. 10 at the latest.

The present government "has lost the electorate's confidence and had a poor performance in solving the fundamental problems of the Romanians," Geoana said at the meeting.

PSD members, confident the motion would be passed, consider it a stepping stone to power.

Romania has been gripped by a months-long political crisis triggered by the long-running power struggle between the prime minister and the president. Basescu, who was accused of usurping the power of prime minister and violating the constitution, survived an impeachment referendum on May 19, as 74 percent of voters cast ballots against his removal from office.

In recent months, the minority government led by Prime Minister Popescu-Tariceanu has lost support from the PSD.

Source: Xinhua

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