Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Up to 70 Roma agree to be repatriated to Romania

The Belfast Telegraph

Up to 70 members of the Roma community camped on a roundabout off the M50 motorway in Dublin have agreed to be repatriated to Romania.

The group has been taken to temporary accommodation under garda supervision and will be flown home in the next two days.

Dozens of members of an extended Roma family have been living in a makeshift camp at the roundabout in Ballymun for up to three months.

Around 30 members of the group still remain at the roundabout.

The extended family were all served with deportation orders last week.

A spokesperson for the Pavee Point Traveller support group says the group has been treated badly, but Ireland cannot be expected to solve what is a Europe-wide problem.

She says Romania has to take action to integrate the Roma population and the Irish Government should use whatever influence it has to achieve this goal.

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