Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Romania gets first biodiesel plant

Source: insidegreentech.com

California's Greenline Industries and Romania's Uleroom plan to open Romania's first biodiesel plant today. The 7 million gallons per year facility in Vaslui is also the first biodiesel plant to operate in Eastern Europe.

Greenline Industries designs and constructs biodiesel production facilities. Greenline said Ulerom, part of Romania's Racova Group, is one of the country's largest agri-business corporations.

The plant is a key element in the ability of Romania to meet the European Union's requirement for 5.75-percent biofuels for the country, according to Greenline. "This biodiesel plant is a tribute to international cooperation, the facility was designed in the United States, built in Germany and Romania, and installed by a team from both the US and Romania," said Adrian Porumboiu, president of Racova Group.

The Romanian facility features waterless wash, computerized, continuous flow and modular construction. The plant will use Ulerom's recently upgraded rapeseed, sunflower and soy oil production facility. Ulerom processes about 12,000 tons of seeds a month.

The fully automated biodiesel plant is expected to run on a continuous basis, requiring a staff of three to monitor the various processes. Greenline said it has an additional twenty plants either under construction or under contract on three continents. The company said its design allows for rapid deployment of small to medium sized plants anywhere in the world.

"The plant was delivered on skids, trucked in to Vaslui on regular-sized trailers from our manufacturing facility in Germany. Assembly was done locally in a very short time, using local labor and skills," said Greenline chairman Michael Brown.

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