Friday, July 27, 2007

Greece, Romania to cooperate on civil protection

Greece and Romania signed Thursday a memorandum of cooperation on civil protection.

As a result the two nations will work together on central administration, electronic governance, the training of civil servants, decentralization and absorption of EU funds via Regional Operational Programs.

Greek Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos signed the memorandum with visiting Romanian Minister of Administrative Reform and Interior Cristian David.

Pavlopoulos was pleased that Romania, "a country that is a good friend and also a neighbor of Greece," was now "in the large European family."

Referring to the problems currently faced by Greece and southern Europe in general, Pavlopoulos said that close cooperation in the field of civil protection was needed to confront crises.

He also expressed sympathy for the suffering caused by this summer's devastating heatwave and wildfires in Romania. Authorities said Wednesday that the heatwave-related death toll had risen to 33.

David said Romania would follow Greece's plans on confronting floods and fires, as Romania is not accustomed to high temperatures and therefore has "a lot to learn."

Source: Xinhua

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