Friday, July 20, 2007

Day of Kindness expands to Romania

Tristan Harris

THE MOMENTUM is growing for this year’s Bromsgrove Day of Kindness which will, for the first time, take place across two countries.

As the event is being held in the town on October 12, a simultaneous one will be happening in Romania.

And The Standard can now reveal that on the evening before The Day of Kindness (October 11), a concert, which will feature the Tileagd Community School Choir from Romania and school choirs from across Bromsgrove, will be staged at The Artrix.

The Romanian choir will also be performing in the High Street on the morning of The Day of Kindness.

Prior to the event, it is hoped some Bromsgrove schools will link up with some schools in Romania and exchange correspondence about how lifestyles are different in the two countries.

The idea to carry out the Day of Kindness across two countries came about when we were contacted by the Smiles Foundation who told us about a project to build the Cihei Disabled Children’s Centre which it is anticipated will cost £180,000.

Organiser Phil Haynes said: “The Smiles Foundation in Romania is making arrangements to hold a joint Day of Kindness in Cihea, with a fun day for children at the site of the planned Disabled Children’s Centre and a luncheon for the elderly.

“In Bromsgrove we are working to get some familiar faces in town on the day, along with TV cameras, to help get Bromsgrove and the efforts of its residents to create a more compassionate existence noticed.

“We can make our town and even our world a wonderful place to be, for us and for our children if we really try. The Bromsgrove Day of Kindness is a small step in that direction - let’s make the most of it.”

Last year lots of companies, churches, shops and schools all contributed to the day and it is hoped that this year even more people, as well as doing their ‘good deed of the day’ will get involved by either making a donation or setting up a fund-raiser, such as a dress-down day at work.

Anyone wanting to get involved, or more information, can call The Standard on 01527 574111 or Phil Haynes on 07949 763027. More school choirs are also being sought for the concert on October 11, so we would love to hear from any schools which want to perform on the night.

For more on the Smiles Foundation, call Joan Mayo on 01527 875602.

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