Friday, July 27, 2007

AP; Cambodian cargo ship sinks in Black Sea near the coast of Romania

CONSTANTA, Romania: A Cambodian ship carrying construction supplies sank near the Romanian port of Mangalia, spilling fuel into the Black Sea, authorities said Friday. All seven crew members were rescued.

The ship, named Multitrader, began to sink Thursday night, and its captain called Mangalia port authorities for assistance, said Adrian Burcea, chief officer of the local border police.

Some of the ship's fuel leaked into the water. The spill measured about 10 kilometers (6 miles) long and 50-100 meters (yards) wide on Friday morning, said Dumitru Bucuresteanu, who heads an anti-pollution task force for the Romanian Naval Authority.

Anti-pollution crews were working to clean up the spill, he said, adding that the fuel was not expected to reach the coast, but instead to move with currents in the opposite direction. Heat was causing some of the fuel to evaporate, he said.

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