Saturday, June 23, 2007

Romania to hire charter plane to repatriate its citizens from Gaza

The Romanian government will hire a charter airplane to repatriate 31 Romanian citizens from the Gaza Strip whose security is endangered by the latest developments in the area, Romanian Prime Minister Calin Popescu- Tariceanu and Foreign Minister Adrian Cioroianu announced on Friday.

There are currently 15 women, 15 children and one man of Romanian citizenship in the Gaza Strip who should be brought back to Romania on Saturday.

"Following consultations with Israeli authorities, a decision was made to evacuate the persons in question on Saturday. Taking into account the decision of Israeli authorities to shut down the airport in Tel Aviv for such operations, the Romanian citizens will be repatriated via Jordan," the Romanian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

According to it, the Israeli authorities will cooperate for the transfer of the Romanians from Gaza, via Israel, to Jordan. They will next leave Amman by a charter flight, ordered by the Romanian government. The Romanian citizens will arrive in Romania on Saturday night.

Some of the women are religiously married to Palestinian men, but religious marriage is no impediment to repatriation in administrative terms, according to Cioroianu.

Tariceanu said in turn the situation in the area is getting increasingly tensioned, not only because of the conflict between the Fatah and Hamas groups, but more because of the overall situation, which risks degenerating and Israel probably has some designs about it.

Source: Xinhua

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