Thursday, June 21, 2007

Romania acting PM meets with Hungary PM in Budapest

Romania Acting Prime Minister Béla Markó traveled to Budapest Tuesday and met with Hungary Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány to discuss current political and social issues in their countries, reports

Gyurcsány and Markó, who is head of the Hungarian Democratic Association of Romania, shared information about internal affairs in Hungary and Romania, including European Union-related issues and relations between Hungarians and ethnic Hungarians in Romania.

The two prime ministers specifically discussed homeland support of ethnic Hungarians living in Romania and reviewed the efficacy of the Homeland Fund (Szülőföld Alap). They also reviewed how transborder Hungarians could participate in the development of Romanian areas near the border.

Gyurcsány and Markó spoke about European political affairs, too, and about the ongoing discussions over the European Constitutional Treaty. They promised to meet again in the fall.

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