Friday, June 22, 2007

Nursing home donates extra beds to Romania

By Jim Wozniak
Erwin Bureau Chief

ERWIN — Having just replaced about 100 of its beds, Erwin Health Care donated the old ones Thursday to a charitable organization that will direct them to a hospital in Romania.

“I’m just tickled to death that this stuff’s going someplace and somebody’s going to be able to use it for hopefully a long time,” said Lori Tilley, the nursing home’s administrative assistant. “I think it makes us appreciate what we have, and we’re just thrilled to be able to help somebody else out like this."

Tilley said the beds are still usable and in good shape, just not working as well as they once did. Now, they are headed to the village of Laslea in the Transylvania region in central Romania.

Representatives of Christian Emergency Relief Team International, based in Crossville, came to town Thursday with a moving truck and loaded the beds. Dr. Jim Mesereau, vice president of operations, said his organization learned about the hospital’s needs when a CERT medical and dental team headed to the region.

“They provide services to people who generally are missed by the rest of the medical system,” Mesereau said. “They’re not receiving a lot of help from other people, and the patients can’t pay. So when this offer (of beds) was made to us, we knew right away we had a place to put them.”

He said the hospital’s director e-mailed him and was excited and wondered when the beds will arrive. Mesereau said CERT will buy mattresses in Romania.

This donation to CERT followed a similar gift of beds by Country Place, a sister facility in Crossville to Erwin Health Care, that went to a different hospital in Romania.

For more information on CERT, visit www.certinternational.or

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