Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Romania's official referendum results sent to Constitutional Court for confirmation

The official report with the final results of the referendum held on May 19 was on Tuesday sent to the Constitutional Court, a delegate of the ruling National Liberal Party at the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) Ion Brad announced.

The report was signed by all judges of BEC and delegates of the ruling party the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania, the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Party. But another ruling party the National Liberal Party and some other parties rejected to sign the report, claiming that some legal provisions were not observed.

Under the Romanian law, the national results, including the number of votes cast and the void ballots must be sent under military guard to the Constitutional Court within 24 hours for confirmation.

The Constitutional Court will then present it before the Parliament on the observation of legal procedures and confirm the results.

The Court will also publish the results on the Official Gazette, after which the suspended president can return to office.

BEC revealed on Monday evening that the final results of the referendum were 74.48 percent of the participants voted against the dismissal of President Traian Basescu, while 24.75 percent voted in favor of his dismissal. The number of void ballots counted were 0.77 percent of the total ballots cast. And the turnout rate of voters was 44.35 percent.

Source: Xinhua

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