Friday, May 25, 2007

Romania 'hots up for US holidaymakers'

American tourists are increasingly looking to new holiday destinations as the dollar's weak performance against the world's other main currencies continues, according to reports.

Romania is one of the countries becoming increasingly popular among US citizens looking for a foreign holiday.

US travel agencies are reporting a steady increase in travellers interested in a trip to Europe, with new figures showing Americans are moving away from traditional destinations such as Paris and London when booking their holidays.

Indeed, AAA travel agency bookings showed a drop of 2.4% in travel to western Europe since last summer.

Meanwhile, bookings to eastern Europe has increased by 55%, with Romania leading the pack.

The country has seen a 700% increase in tourists from the US, the figures suggest.

AAA Travel vice president Sandy Hughes said better air links to eastern Europe, alongside positive media coverage and more promotion of the area as a tourist destination, have boosted its appeal among Americans.

She added: "Many are choosing to visit countries where the dollar stretches further and the crowds are lighter."

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