Friday, May 25, 2007

Romania has significant potential on European tourism market: ECTAA

Romania can stake on travel industry's development in the future, especially due to beneficial effects of its European Union integration, Michel de Blust, general secretary of the European Union Group of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators Associations (ECTAA), said on Thursday.

Romania has an important potential both as for the number of Romanian tourists willing to go abroad and the number of foreign tourists set to spend their holidays in this country. The fact that Romania is part of the European Union is an important chance, set to transform it into a potential target for the 450 million EU members, said de Blust.

ECTAA President Jan Van Steen stressed that Romania can also exploit other types of tourism, alongside the summer season, in order to attract the largest possible number of tourists.

This year, Sibiu represents an attraction for foreign visitors and, through this kind of tourism, Romania can start to become an attractive place, explained the ECTAA president.

President of the National Association of Travel Agencies Dragos Anastasiu said that this year Romania hopes to record a bigger number of tourists than last year. As such, if some 1.6 million foreign tourists visited Romania in 2006, this year 2.4 million would be expected, according to ANAT estimations.

Romania's capital Bucharest is to host, over May 24 - 25, the 95th General Assembly of ECTAA, association representing the interests of more than 120,000 travel agencies in the EU.

Source: Xinhua

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