Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Sofia News Agency

Crimes, weapon trafficking, corruption, drug and human trafficking still exist in Bulgaria after its NATO accession in 2004 and European Union accession in 2007.

Romania’s Evenimentul Zilei commented on the situation in Romania and Bulgaria after their EU accession.

The fall of communism in Romania produced a class of parvenus, who joined the local barons and conquered the political scene.
In Bulgaria, capital was divided between mafia groups getting even with their enemies trough murders, the report said as quoted by Bulgarian news agency BTA.

The victory of centrist Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria's (CEDB) in the first members of European Parliament (MEP) elections in Bulgaria is a warning towards the ruling government. Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), currently in power, is being criticised for the lack of results in the fight against organised crime, the newspaper said.

Bulgarian mafia is a product of the country's totalitarian past. The newspaper quotes chief expert at the Centre for Study of Democracy (CSD), Tihomir Bezlov who said that the failure of Bulgaria's transition period and the war in former Yugoslavia favoured the development of gray economy.

Bulgarian mafia now has penetrated into legal economic sectors like tourism and construction.

EU is concerned that after the criminal groups have allocated their spheres of influence, they could spread out in other sectors.

More than 120 bombing attempts, 40 murders and 64 armed robberies were committed in Bulgaria in 2006, the newspaper said.

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