Friday, April 20, 2007

Personal Outrage

As some of you might know, I've been living in Greece for over an year now and although I experienced some prejudices and discrimination as a Romanian, it pales in comparison to what's happening these days to my friend Devious Diva. Devious Diva is running one of the most interesting blog out there that deals not only with life in Greece through a foreigner perspective, but also and especially with the rampant discrimination that the Roma community is facing in Greece. Her blog is called THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY and I strongly suggest that you read her thoughts. Please pay particular attention to her Roma Series.

I've been reading her blog daily for a while now and was delighted to learn from her posts about the Greek life, culture and social behaviour. Unfortunately, there is seems to be very little tolerance in the Greek society for Roma people or/and especially for people like DD who have been writing about them and advocating on their behalf. In the last few days she's been overwhelmed with hate mail and her real identity revealed on a few websites. These threats are absolutely despicable!

Read her own words to see what she has to face daily from Greek racists. Maybe someone should tell them that she's not Turkish.

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