Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sixth Kosovo-assigned gendarmes contingent leaves Romania

The first 75 staff of the Romania's Gendarmes Detachment assigned to Kosovo attended on Tuesday the ceremony preceding the departure on mission.

The sixth contingent to leave for the Kosovo province is 115- strong, counting 12 officers, 103 warrant officers and non-coms. The next 40 troops will leave for the theater of operations between April 2-4.

The Romanian gendarmes will fulfill a broad array of missions such as: crowd control, escort and protection of MPs and VIPs, guard and defense of objectives, detainee escort, special operations, keeping and restoring public order, cooperation with police forces.

All the five contingents of Romanian gendarmes that participated so far in the stabilization missions in Kosovo have remarkably fulfilled their tasks, for which they were awarded a total of 460 UN "In Service of Peace" medals.

"You were selected to accomplish the hardest and challenging mission. You will be deployed for one year to a hostile, extremely tense and insecure theatre of operations," head of the Romanian Gendarmerie Gen. Costica Silion told the troops assembled in the court of the Inspectorate General of the Romanian Gendarmerie.

The Romanian Gendarmes Detachment is deployed to Peja, located in the south-west of the Kosovo province.

Source: Xinhua

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