Friday, March 23, 2007

Romania: Six wind turbine co's qualified for energy production in '07

23 March 2007

A number of six wind turbine electricity producers have qualified for the priority production of energy for 2007, according to a list published on the site of the National Regulatory Authority in Energy Field (ANRE), ACT Media news agency reports.

The six producers are Ecoprod Energy SRL, Pentium SRL, Blue Line Impex SRL, Electrogrup SRL, Electro Margo Line SRL and E Market SRL.

The list made public by ANRE comprises 24 electricity producers from regenerating sources, the remainder of 18 being based on hydro energy. Among them there are Energy Holding SRL, Turceni Power Complex, Luxten Lighting Company, Romelectro SA, Steaua Romana Refinery etc.

The European Commission will present until this year-end, the targets for each European Union member state that must be attained in order to contribute to the objective set by the EU until 2020, according to which 20 percent of the energy consumption should originate from renewable sources.

At the summit of March 8-9, 2007 the EU assumed as targets the reduction of energy consumption until 2020 by 20 percent from the level in 1990, utilization - until 2020, as well - of 20 percent of renewable energy, as well as the reduction of gas emissions by 20 percent.

According to President of the Romanian Agency for Energy Conservation, Silviu Lefter, Romania's energy efficiency potential accounts for 35-45 percent, but currently it is used at the smallest extent. In his opinion, a normative act is also to be adopted that would rule boosting investments in this field.ARCE President also said that, in 2007, a series of commercial companies started some studies on mounting wind turbines in different zones in Romania.

In order to mount a wind turbine a year-long wind force study is needed to determine if the zone is adequate for the construction of such an installation whose price reaches one million euros.

Source: ACT Media News Agency

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