Monday, March 26, 2007

Romania, Serbia: Rehabilitation of the cross-border railway line

Delegations of Serbian and Romanian railway representatives met in Reşiţa to discuss the rehabilitation of Anina - Oraviţa - Iam - Jasenovo - Biserica Albă – Baziaş railway line.
Serbian delegation included: Milutin Minic from the Ministry of Capital Investments, Nenad Kecman, Milan Vucinic and Radovan Lekic from Serbian Railways.

The Romanian side was represented, among others, by: Alexandru Potocean and Alexandru Silvăşan - CFR Regional Timişoara, Constantin Manea, assistant general manager of National Company of Railways CFR SA.

At the opening speech, the president of District Council dr. Iosif Secăşan, wanted to highlight the importance and the opportunity of the projects submitted to common debates: „...I am convinced that restructuring Oraviţa - Jasenovo - Biserica Albă - Baziaş railway does not represent a revival of history, but a promise made to the future. The projects we have been developing together since a long time are presently beneficiating of a new frame through the opportunity of using the funds allocated by EU for cross-border cooperation”.
Being few steps away to being closed because of odd financial reasons invoked by the management of the railways, the oldest Romanian railway section will be saved, its restructuring being, as president Secăşan said, a promise made to the future.

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