Friday, March 30, 2007

Romania: Environment tax could raise prices of household appliances

27 March 2007

Household appliances will become more expensive after the implementation of the environment tax that includes the recycling costs, though prices of appliances were announced to go down early this year due to changes in border policy, ACT Media news agency reports.

The National Agency for Environment Protection (ANPM) announced it would start together with the Environment Guard and the National Authority for Consumer's Protection a program of recycling old household appliances as of April.

The program stipulates that the producers and importers of home appliances will have to register their products with the ANPM before selling them and it will be their duty to recycle them. The old household appliances will be stored in special places in exchange for about 20 euros.

The buyers will be the ones to pay the environment tax and the money will reach the producers who have the duty to recycle the household appliances.

Source: ACT Media News Agency

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