Friday, March 23, 2007

Romania: Dem party doesn't plan to leave the govt

23 March 2007

Minister of Transports, Democrat Radu Berceanu, said that withdrawal of political support in the case of the Premier does not also mean the Democratic Party will leave the Government,' ACT Media news agency reports.

Most likely we will reach such a situation. We can think about. If these things continue, maybe, at a certain moment, we will think to such a thing, as well.

We know very well that withdrawal of political support is a formal gesture. We do not imagine that in case we withdraw our political support Mr. Tariceanu would be inundated by emotions', Radu Bercenau stated.

According to Minister Berceanu, PD could make use of such a 'formal gesture' with the aim to clarify this party's point of view toward 'certain issues'.

'When we withdraw our political support, we make official the idea according to which, at least from our point of view, the Premier no longer represents PD side of D.A. Alliance (Justice and Truth) and that he should go, so we can have another Prime Minister', explained Radu Berceanu.

Source: ACT Media News Agency

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