Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Romania and Bulgaria unfold common EU-funded projects

26 March 2007

Paul Branza, director general of the Romanian Navy Authority (ANR), and his Bulgarian counterpart Nicolai Apostolov, signed a common declaration providing that all the projects implemented on the Danube with EU funding shall be jointly carried out, ACT Media news agency reports.

The document was signed in Ruse - Bulgaria, and the first Romanian-Bulgarian naval project will be the expansion of the system for the identification of ships cruising the Danube – a branch of the Dutch project RIS - River Information Services, NewsIn reports. Bulgaria and Romania have similar identification systems (Romanian RIS).

The ANR head stated that talks with his Bulgarian counterpart led to the conclusion that common Romanian-Bulgarian projects can be developed along certain sectors of the Danube, allowing the two countries to prevent overlapping expenditures. The ANR director general underscored that a meeting will take place in two weeks in Brussels, where the EU funding will be tabled and assigned.

The project is completed and talks with experts will start as soon as the Navy Authority learns the amount earmarked for the project. The project needs to be adjusted to the Danube course from the entry into the country to the Black Sea river mouth, specified the ANR head.

Source: ACT Media News Agency

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