Thursday, March 22, 2007

Consultations offer no clear solution to end political crisis in Romania

The consultations held at Cotroceni Presidential Palace between Romanian President Traian Basescu and the leaders of parliamentary parties ended on Tuesday without bringing an agreement to end the political crisis.

The leaders of the governing Democratic Party and of Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania brought into discussion the organization of early elections, while the governing National Liberal Party (PNL) is convinced that President Basescu cannot solve the political crisis.

The opposing Social Democratic Party said the prime minister can solve the issue by eliminating the Democrats from the governance, the opposing Conservative Party demanded President Basescu's resignation, while the opposing Greater Romania Party, who refused the invitation, called the consultations tragic-comic.

"Romania's political difficulties can be solved in the Parliament and Government, not at the Presidential Palace," said the Liberal Vice President Crin Antonescu.

The Liberals went to Cotroceni out of respect for the presidential institution, but expecting nothing, said Antonescu, stressing that the party and the Liberal ministers do not answer for their actions before the president, but before the electorate.

The Democrats believe that the early elections are the solution for the crisis. "Romania crosses an important period. In a democracy, the solution are not backstage maneuvers, but the return to people, the only capable to offer parliamentary majority and a stable government," said the Democrat leader Emil Boc.

UDMR sees two solutions to overcome the present situation: a Government with majority support in the Parliament or early elections. According to the Union's leader Marko Bela, a minority government can lead to a permanent crisis for the next one and a half years remaining until the next elections, which is unacceptable.

"The President came with no solution and he couldn't have offered one as the solution is in the Parliament. As long as there is a premier appointed, the Government's answer resides in the relation with the Parliament," said the PSD leader Mircea Geoana Geoana.

Geoana said the D.A. Alliance (Liberals plus Democrats) should be abolished and the Democrats be eliminated from the governance.

The Conservatives suggested Traian Basescu to resign, stressing that Romania can go back to normality only if the president resigns.

President Basescu invited the leaders of parliamentary parties to a round of consultations in order to find solutions to stabilize the political situation.

Basescu has recently stated that there is no political crisis in Romania, but a more intense public debate.

This round of consultations came two weeks after the previous one when the head of state wanted to hear the opinion of party leaders on the referendum for the introduction of single vote for the legislative elections in 2008.

Local analysts said Romania is going through a deep political crisis. The opposition PSD is currently trying to impeach President Basescu, and the "irrational" hate between the governing Liberals and Democrats and the "political vendetta" between the president and the prime minister has worsened in recent months.

Source: Xinhua

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