Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Romania's opposition to present request to suspend president

The opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) will ask the Romanian parliament to suspend President Traian Basescu, the Rompres news agency reported on Tuesday.

The PSD will propose a referendum on impeaching Basescu, accusing the president of interfering with the judiciary and maintaining unconstitutional relations with business.

The party has collected 182 signatures of parliamentarians for the proposal, more than the one third of the 469 parliamentarians who must back a proposal before it can be submitted in the parliament's plenary session. Basescu earlier said he would not be disturbed by the PSD move. Under the Romanian law, if the proposal is adopted by the upcoming session slated for Wednesday with a simple majority, it must then be approved by the Constitutional Court and a referendum can then be held.

The opposition Conservative Party and the Greater Romanian Party have joined the PSD in calling for the impeachment. PSD leader Mircea Geoana said that the request filed 25 charges against Basescu. The charges include that Basescu misled the 2004 election, blocked two plenary sessions of the parliament and violated the principle of the separation of powers.

Source: Xinhua

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