Saturday, February 24, 2007

Romania to boast share of alternative energy

In 2010 Romania will be among those European Union member states who boast the highest share of electricity produced by alternative sources, the country's national Rompres news agency reported Thursday, citing the EU statistics bureau Eurostat.

European analysts predict that the share of alternative energy in Romania's total consumption will increase in the coming years. It will nearly match Slovenia and fall behind only Portugal, Latvia, Sweden and Austria, where alternative energy contributes more than 50 percent to the total energy consumption.

In 2004, Romania ranked alongside Bulgaria, Malta and Lithuania as a country whose final per capita energy consumption remained low compared to other nations.

According to the Eurostat statistics, the Romanian primary energy output reached the equivalent of 28.4 million tons of oil in 2004, whereas the electricity output accounted for less than two percent of the EU total.

Source: Xinhua

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