Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Romania: CFR Galati Eurostation is almost ready

Railway Market

CFR Galaţi Eurostation is almost finished and it is going to be inaugurated in March this year.
The building has a total surface of 3,000 square metres and it is structured on two levels. At the ground-floor there are public relations offices, the booking offices, as well as two electric bill boards which display information regarding departure and arrival hours. Moreover, at the ground-floor there is also the luggage room and a fast-food restaurant. At the first floor, there is the commercial space which includes: a pharmacy, a flower shop and a newspaper magazine. The monthly rent paid by the dealers to CFR S.A. reaches almost 100 euros per square meter.

Two waiting rooms, one for first class and one for second class, are situated also on the first floor. The rooms are endowed with monitors displaying information regarding railway traffic, but also divertissement programs. The railway station will also be endowed with electronic clocks and speakers for transmitting the announcements to the passengers.

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