Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The President of the Republic of Moldova accuses Romania of intolerance

Moldova.ORG -- Vladimir Voronin, the president of the Republic of Moldova, accuses Romania of intolerance towards the Moldovan ethnic minority. The President declared for the “Moldpress” news agency on February 24 that ten million Moldovans in Romania are fighting for their identity.

“In Moldova, for example, nobody can constrain anyone to be necessarily a Moldovan. Here anyone can be Romanian, Ukrainian or Russian. We don’t get involved in the identity issues. This is the problem of the citizens themselves. Unfortunately, in Romania the list of the ethnic minorities is strictly limited and the number of all the possible national minorities is kept in the legislation. Moldovans are not among them. As far as I know this is the main difficulty for the Moldovans to legalize their statute and promote their culture in Romania.” the president said.

At the Moldovan Community Assembly, held on February 23, the president affirmed he will examine the problem to provide the Moldovans in Romania with Moldovan citizenships. The Moldovan citinzenship is considered to be a serious legal support for the Moldovans to protect their identity.
“Our attitude towards the West neighbor is so good and tolerant that a lot of officials ignore the fact that the Romanian language is taught in schools and that until last year our history was called the Romanian History. We have institutions of Romanian language and culture; we do have Romanian lyceums and Romanian newspapers. There is nothing alike in Romania,” Voronin declared.

“…We have to know our history and to be proud of it. The history of Moldova is a common European achievement. To erase this achievement from the memory of the new generations is a lack of culture. I think those times are irreversibly gone forever, the president concluded.

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