Wednesday, February 21, 2007

People's Daily Online: Romania hosts no secret U.S. bases, says commission

Romania hosted no secret U.S. bases, the Investigation Commission on the existence of CIA detention centers or suspect CIA flights on the Romanian territory revealed on Tuesday.

The commission said in a report that there were no secret facilities of imprisonment, nor were there any foreign prisoners in the Romanian detention centers that could have passed as regular prisoners.

The report also said that there were no errors in the civil or military traffic control system and no flight could have been neglected.

The Commission showed that there is clear evidence on the flights from or to Mihail Kogalniceanu airport in southeastern Romania and none can raise suspicions related to the accusations.

The report contains documents from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Transports and information from the Ministry of Defense and the Civil Aeronautic Authority.

The SRI shows it has no information on the existence of CIA detention centers in Romania, nor data on the involvement of any Romanian official in the secret arrest of persons on the Romanian territory.

The Commission investigated over 200 persons, had some 60 meetings with the members of the Council of Europe's Commission, with heads of Romanian institutions and structures and studied over 4,200 pages of documents.

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