Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nuclear energy to make up 30 percent of Romania's energy output

One of the main objectives of Romania's business authorities is to increase to 30 percent the weight of nuclear energy in the total energy output by 2015, Minister of Economy and Trade Varujan Vosganian told a seminar on Romania's energy strategy on Wednesday.

"We are seeking to bring Romania's nuclear energy production at 28-30 percent of the total, water-power energy at 30-35 percent and the energy generated by coal, crude oil and gas at 35 percent, " said Vosganian.

The minister also said 2007 will be an energy year for Romania, as the main economic objectives will be units 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant, the completion of building the Tarnita hydro-power plant and increasing by 20-25 percent the capacity of the electricity production facilities, to 75-80,000 GWats. At the same time, legislation for coal and gas generated energy is expected to be finalized.

In connection with the energy market, Vosganian said a system of direct contracting should be conceived, the energy exchange should be improved and the Romanian Commodity Exchange should get involved in energy transactions.

According to data of the National Statistics Institute, Romania 's 2006 energy production was 24.59 million tons of oil equivalent, making up 98 percent of its total energy resources. The largest share of the energy, or 61.5 percent, was generated by thermal- power plants, 29.5 percent by water-power plants and 9 percent by nuclear power plants.

Source: Xinhua

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