Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fars News Agency: President Highlights Iran, Romania's Role in Global Issues

Tehran, 02-16-2007

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran and Romania, as two countries keen on establishing justice-based peace, can play an effective role in global issues.

The president made the remarks in a meeting with Romania's incoming ambassador to Iran Theodore Seko here in Tehran on Thursday, where the latter submitted his credentials to President Ahmadinejad. During the meeting, Ahmadinejad noted the two countries' age-old and cordial ties, and said that Iran and Romania as two countries with ancient and glorious civilizations and cultures can play a significant role in solving world issues.

He further described victory of the Islamic Revolution as a milestone in the expansion of Iran's ties with independent countries, and reminded that Tehran does not perceive any problem in developing relations and boosting cooperation with Bucharest in various areas.

The president stated that expansion of cultural ties between the two countries can remarkably contribute to the development of wider relations, and reiterated, "Exchange of scientists and athletes, university professors and students and organizing cultural exhibitions are among the common areas, where the two sides can increase their scientific-cultural activities."

For his part, Romania's incoming ambassador to Tehran referred to the lustrous civilization and rich culture of the Iranian nation, and further voiced his people's enthusiasm for increasing their knowledge of Iran's several-thousand-year-old history. The envoy further expressed Bucharest's full readiness to expand all-out ties with Tehran, in economic, cultural and scientific fields in particular.

Theodore Seko underlined that the development of Iran-Romania mutual ties and promotion of their cooperation requires increased knowledge of the two sides' potentials and capabilities. He also called for joint cooperation with Iran for resolving crucial international problems and issues.


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