Saturday, February 17, 2007

All Headlines News: Romania Tops Eurostat Report For Deadly Road Accidents

February 16, 2007

Josephine Roque - All Headline News Staff Writer

Bucharest, Romania (AHN) - A Eurostat report claims Romania as one of the countries in the European Union with the highest incidence of death in road accidents.

According to the European Statistics office data, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania and Latvia are among those that hold top place in fatality rates. The difference between East and West Europe seems to still be staggering despite the progress during the last years.

The Eurostat study based data from 1994 through 2004. For every one million passengers, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania and Slovakia registered an average of 752, 749, 571 and 507 individual car crash fatalities.

While other countries like Malta, Sweden, UK, Holland and Germany reported the lowest average rates respectively at 61, 117, 121, 126, and 129 per one million registered cars.

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